Christian Charity

by Tom Andrasi on January 29, 2014

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Real personal charity is hard. As Dutch statesman and theologian Abraham Kuyper explained:
“[T]he holy art of “giving for Jesus’ sake” ought to be much more strongly developed among us Christians. Never forget that all state relief for the poor is a blot on the honor of your savior. The fact that the government needs a safety net to catch those who would slip between the cracks of our economic system is evidence that I have failed to do God’s work. The government cannot take the place of Christian charity. A loving embrace isn’t given with food stamps. The care of a community isn’t provided with government housing. The face of our Creator can’t be seen on a welfare voucher. What the poor need is not another government program; what they need is for Christians like me to honor our savior.”


This statement really jumped out at me. What do you think, is it an accurate description of what Christian charity should be?


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