The Most Important Abortion Question

by Tom Andrasi on September 16, 2015

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No Need to Fear

by Tom Andrasi on June 28, 2015

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One of those days when I feel that things are spiraling out of control; when circumstances make me angry and fearful and frustrated – all alone.

I need to think on this and meditate on it:


Fear lives and rules in the heart of a believer who has forgotten God’s sovereignty and grace.

If left to myself, I should be afraid. There are many trials, temptations, dangers, and enemies in this fallen world that are bigger and more powerful than me. I have to deal with many things that are outside my control.

But the message of the gospel is that I haven’t been left to myself, that Immanuel is with me in sovereign authority and powerful grace.

He rules with perfect wisdom over all the circumstances and locations that would make me afraid.

In grace, he blesses me with what I need to face what he has decided to put on my plate.

I am never— in anything, anywhere, at any time— by myself.

I never arrive on scene first.

I never step into a situation that exists outside his control.

I never move beyond the reach of his authority.

He is never surprised by where I end up or by what I am facing.

He never leaves me to the limited resources of my own wisdom, strength, and righteousness.

He never grows weary with protecting and providing for me.

He will never abandon me out of frustration.

I do not need to be afraid.

Tripp, Paul David (2014-10-31). New Morning Mercies: A Daily Gospel Devotional (Kindle Location 4313). Crossway. Kindle Edition.

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Christian Persecution

March 1, 2015

This is so true, and so scary ……   © 2013-2015, Tom Andrasi

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November 23, 2014

Can I say that this is my heartfelt prayer? May I never take my standing before God for granted ….. © 2013-2015, Tom Andrasi

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January 29, 2014

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January 6, 2014

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December 23, 2013

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October 23, 2013

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